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So Near, So Bad?

August 20, 2011

“So, you were just hiding in level 1, huh?”

What if Mario used the idea of “outlining?” Was there a chance he could’ve found Princess at the starting round? Oh, poor, poor Mario. If he had just planned first to look for more unfamiliar places on the 1st level, he could’ve finished the game instantly! Guess that same aspect goes for what Eng 1 discussed last Wednesday, August 16th: outlining. Not only that it gives clearance to the flow of ideas in a given set of system, but also it points out details helpful for understanding concepts on what these ideas are all about.

Now, to tell you honestly, this blog isn’t really focused on talking about what an outline is. This blog is actually meant for writing a blog about how I encountered UP life so far, and so without further ado, I give you my outline! Clap for it please before anything might go wrong? 🙂


Thesis Statement: My UP Life so far

Title: “So Far, So Good is to So Near, So Bad”

I. Good Times

A. Inside UP Campus System

1. June 2011

a. Orientations and Getting to know UP

b. Learning routes and shortcuts inside UP grounds

c. Meeting new companions

2. July 2011

a. Getting to know classmates

b. Attending field trips

c.  Learning about UP Organizations, Events, etc.

3. August 2011

a. Having close friends in UP

b. Beginning to grasp professor’s ways of grading his/her students

c. Taking oppurtunities to join events

B . Outside UP Campus System

1. June 2011

a. Getting to know Quezon City along UP area

b. Living in a dorm for the first time

c. Meeting room mates in the dorm.

2. July 2011

a. Getting to be inside SM North

b. Meeting new dorm mates

c. Tagging along with sports activities

d. Celebrating my birthday on a different set of atmosphere with friends

3. August 2011

a. Building strong bonds with dorm mates and room mates

b. Accomplishing Eng 1 mid-term paper

II. Bad Times

A. Inside UP Campus System

1. June 2011

a. Getting lost inside UP premises

b. Getting all sweaty walking around UP

c. Being at OP status with different set of people

2. July 2011

a. Being unable to study because of suspension of classes due to heavy rains

b. Being confined in an hospital for five days due to lung damage

3. August 2011

a. Indulging myself to heavy school work and assignments

b. Getting stressed studying for more long exams

B. Outside UP Campus System

1. June 2011

a. Realizing that dorm’s getting dirty

b. Getting tensed riding MRT during weekends

2. July 2011

a. Getting sick days before my birthday

b. Not being able to attend classes on days I was absent

3. August 2011

a. None so far? 🙂

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