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What Do I Want to Do In Life?

August 30, 2011

“Is this the path for me?”

“What’s not to like about music? I mean it’s my forte ever since I was still 7, so why not go for it and make a life out of it?” These are the words I asked myself when I started to choose a course for my college degree. I knew I would be happy, but I thought of how to make a living after entering music industry in the Philippines. The career is not easy. It requires you to build a good image for the public and a good sense of humour: probably things I’m less good at. I pondered, “What to choose now?” Eventually, I ended choosing the path I was inspired of. I chose to pursue a science course and decided to enter the field of Medicine immediately afterwards.

Currently, I’m a freshman student taking up B.S. Physics in the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus. So far, I can say that I’m doing great in terms of all my subjects whether major or minor. However, I don’t feel settled at all having such achievements. There is still uncertainty inside me that gives me chills every time it suddenly pops out from nowhere, enters my head, and ruins my mood. It is the issue about my personal quest: what do I really want to do in my life? What should I do to figure it out? To be honest, I always ignore thinking of an answer to such a complicated question. In other words, I don’t want to worry about it yet. I am still young, and there are a lot of things I should be rather enjoying as a fresh first year college student than worrying on something that requires good knowledge and experience for life’s careers and decisions.

However, I am the curious type of person.

Who knows that maybe the discovery of my quest undergoes a process? I am not that sure, but I bet that is true for some and not everyone. In my case, I feel it is meant to be in that form. Maybe it is not yet time to choose from millions of lists. Maybe as I go from level one to higher levels in college, I’ll come to realize the right course for me. The time has not yet come, but it will surely come. I feel it will, and when that time comes, I know it shall form again another quest, and again, the process shall repeat.

My personal quest is thus, a chain of personal quests. The discoveries of each lead to the discovery of a lot more. My current quest originated from a previous personal quest. It all comes to these conclusions about its cycle of evolution. I get it now. It is my task now to adapt to its nature to get into the next steps. I guess I am being required to follow its flow one by one. To follow it means to get to know what I really want to do in life. That’s it! It is the answer to my complicated question earlier. Now that I figured it out, I can start planning for my future. I guess after all, it will come out eventually as product of curiosity and not worry.

That could be your outcome too if you were on the same dilemma! You’ll get to know what you’re personal quest if you start to find time putting it at heart. In fact, it is the foundation of any good career building for one’s life. You need to have patience and the dedication to risk your minute-lasting or hour-lasting wants like shopping, gaming, etc. to make way for planning for your lifetime-lasting want/s that concern career and life commitment for the growth of the nation’s development in welfare. On that level of your life, you’ll be seeing yourself independent enough to stand and live away from the usual helping hand of your parents or relatives. You’ll be seeing yourself complete, but before that, now, it is the time first to know, “what do I really want to do in life?”

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