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Won The Fight!

September 18, 2011

“The Aaah-Mazing Pyramid done by the UP Pep Squad”

I remembered it like it was just yesterday. U.P. Pep Squad had won this year’s University Athletic Association of the Philippines, Cheer dance Competition!

The event was indeed a blast! UP team showcased their best swagger for making the best lifts, stunts, pyramids and more to once again be entitled champion for the second consecutive time after being last year’s champion in the C.D.C. They made other competing universities doubt to their amazing routines inspired by one of today’s pop icon, Madonna. The squad dyed their hair blonde in addition for their tribute to the said Hollywood superstar. Upon interview, one of the members was asked of when they had come up with their theme of incorporating Madonna’s style and music. He said it was during summer when they had packaged all ideas and started practicing. Such early practice gave the team ample time to think of the best twist they can give to wow the crowd, and they’d thought of Madonna. Just like the other audiences, at first, it was unclear to all Iskolar ng Bayan why they had chose to turn themselves into “blondies”, until the song “Material Girl” was played. Everyone became aware that it was Madonna’s blonde hair look the UP Pep Squad had thought of mimicking for their special performance number.

At the end of the cheer, the group also paid tribute to their home school as they made an Oblation Statue routine. That was when everybody really applauded for the glory the team showed for their alma mater. Such finale made U.P. community proud not only for the cheerers, but also for their own university. It only showed that the Pep Squad has appreciation over the education brought to them by the state university of the Philippines, U.P. It’s like their way of saying “thank you” for the opportunity given to them to represent U.P. for the said event. Each of them was able to inspire millions of people by their skills in dancing, aerobics, and cheering combined. They were able to successfully transfer their fun, proud, and wild mood to the hearts and minds of the millions of audience watching and cheering for them nationwide. Such activity, such passion, and such love for the home school paved the way for the judges to give just enough score to declare U.P. Pep Squad champion.


Way the go, U.P. Pep Squad! Congratulations from me, a fellow Iskolar ng Bayan!  I can now say I’m really proud to be part of U.P. community.

U.P. went. U.P. fought. U.P. won the fight!

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