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Higher World and Beings

October 2, 2011

“Are you ready for the PH 321 island tour?”

Aloha and Mabuhay! Welcome to the Island of PH 321: an island not far from our archipelago, the Philippines. Hello! I’ll be your tour guide for today, Mr. Ramlien Ilamu, or you can call me Rammy, for short! I’ll be bringing you to our guests later, but before that, I would like to begin first by saying all of you have chose the right island to spend a field trip! I am indeed sure that you’ll enjoy exploring the tropical rainforest here and the creatures it has inside. So, what are we waiting for? Without further ado, behold, PH 321!

Well, you might be wondering why the island looks exactly like a classroom in Palma Hall of the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Yes, and no doubt what you think about it is correct! In fact, it has been already criticized by many tourists, specifically UP graduates or alumni who are now travelling around the globe that the whole place resembles the Room 321 in Palma Hall, and so the island was named after to its look-alike, PH 321.

Around you all are creatures of different kinds that look exactly like humans. But in reality, they are not like one of us. But then again, here’s the thing, they think and act exactly like us! With that, you guys might ask why they aren’t considered humans. That is what we’re to find out in this trip, and so let’s go and meet these creatures!

Meet Ange! XD

Here this out: she claims herself a, sorry for the word, bitch. One time, I interviewed this female-like creature and she said that to me. I was like, “No you aren’t a bitch because you don’t even look much alike with a female dog.” You guys agree with that, right? But sometimes I think twice about my scientific approach to what she had said. But then again, with due respect, I’d rather not. Besides from that topic, I’ve learned she’s also good at drawing, just like one of our creatures up there, Travis, that one with a huge smile. Anyway, I’ve learned as well that Ange is also good at directing stuff like sort of games, plays, and others. Now how cool is she, eh? Now let’s go up there and meet the others!

On your left, is again, Travis. XD

Please don’t be scared to give or offer him shake hands! He’s one of the friendliest creatures here! Look, he even brought his guitar to offer you guys a classical piece of music. Isn’t he the nicest? This male-like creature claims he’s good in drawing, just like what I’ve said earlier. If you take a look at his notebook (yes, he has one), you’ll see lots of his masterpiece doodles. It is so funny how this creature draws us humans doing the silly stuff we do every day at home, in schools, and in public places like malls, etc. He also draws graffiti-like stuff, and many other more! In short, he’s one of the talented creatures here in PH 321.

Beside Travis is Angel. XD

This female-like creature is probably one of the most unique among the 27 other more. She is the bookworm in their race. Two of her hobbies are cooking, and swimming. Her interest for friendship with a fellow creature falls towards the funny-type. Yes, and she is indeed one of the most good-looking creature in PH 321. When you get to know her more, you’ll really be influenced to smile every time ‘cause mainly of her charm.

All in all, there are actually 28 creatures here in island PH 321. To cut and introduce the others shortly, since we’re running out of time in this field trip, all can actually speak the Filipino and English language, but not all speak that good in English. Some wear glasses, and some don’t. Some have long hair, and some have short. They differ a lot in their preferred hobbies. Many say that this difference helped a lot in classifying them according to gender. Furthermore, they are all mainly classified as to what they look if they are near a male type or a female type. Such case that they’re considered not to be humans is because of their high IQ than a typical human being. They are as if those who study in the University of the Philippines that have really unique intelligence level, only higher. That’s what keeps them so special to be called or classified humans. We can then call them as, higher humans, and PH 321 as the higher kind of world. It is very wonderful indeed!

Come visit this place again to get to know more about mystery present in these beings. Be the detective! See and know what such race is capable of!

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