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Higher World and Beings

October 2, 2011

“Are you ready for the PH 321 island tour?”

Aloha and Mabuhay! Welcome to the Island of PH 321: an island not far from our archipelago, the Philippines. Hello! I’ll be your tour guide for today, Mr. Ramlien Ilamu, or you can call me Rammy, for short! I’ll be bringing you to our guests later, but before that, I would like to begin first by saying all of you have chose the right island to spend a field trip! I am indeed sure that you’ll enjoy exploring the tropical rainforest here and the creatures it has inside. So, what are we waiting for? Without further ado, behold, PH 321!

Well, you might be wondering why the island looks exactly like a classroom in Palma Hall of the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Yes, and no doubt what you think about it is correct! In fact, it has been already criticized by many tourists, specifically UP graduates or alumni who are now travelling around the globe that the whole place resembles the Room 321 in Palma Hall, and so the island was named after to its look-alike, PH 321.

Around you all are creatures of different kinds that look exactly like humans. But in reality, they are not like one of us. But then again, here’s the thing, they think and act exactly like us! With that, you guys might ask why they aren’t considered humans. That is what we’re to find out in this trip, and so let’s go and meet these creatures!

Meet Ange! XD

Here this out: she claims herself a, sorry for the word, bitch. One time, I interviewed this female-like creature and she said that to me. I was like, “No you aren’t a bitch because you don’t even look much alike with a female dog.” You guys agree with that, right? But sometimes I think twice about my scientific approach to what she had said. But then again, with due respect, I’d rather not. Besides from that topic, I’ve learned she’s also good at drawing, just like one of our creatures up there, Travis, that one with a huge smile. Anyway, I’ve learned as well that Ange is also good at directing stuff like sort of games, plays, and others. Now how cool is she, eh? Now let’s go up there and meet the others!

On your left, is again, Travis. XD

Please don’t be scared to give or offer him shake hands! He’s one of the friendliest creatures here! Look, he even brought his guitar to offer you guys a classical piece of music. Isn’t he the nicest? This male-like creature claims he’s good in drawing, just like what I’ve said earlier. If you take a look at his notebook (yes, he has one), you’ll see lots of his masterpiece doodles. It is so funny how this creature draws us humans doing the silly stuff we do every day at home, in schools, and in public places like malls, etc. He also draws graffiti-like stuff, and many other more! In short, he’s one of the talented creatures here in PH 321.

Beside Travis is Angel. XD

This female-like creature is probably one of the most unique among the 27 other more. She is the bookworm in their race. Two of her hobbies are cooking, and swimming. Her interest for friendship with a fellow creature falls towards the funny-type. Yes, and she is indeed one of the most good-looking creature in PH 321. When you get to know her more, you’ll really be influenced to smile every time ‘cause mainly of her charm.

All in all, there are actually 28 creatures here in island PH 321. To cut and introduce the others shortly, since we’re running out of time in this field trip, all can actually speak the Filipino and English language, but not all speak that good in English. Some wear glasses, and some don’t. Some have long hair, and some have short. They differ a lot in their preferred hobbies. Many say that this difference helped a lot in classifying them according to gender. Furthermore, they are all mainly classified as to what they look if they are near a male type or a female type. Such case that they’re considered not to be humans is because of their high IQ than a typical human being. They are as if those who study in the University of the Philippines that have really unique intelligence level, only higher. That’s what keeps them so special to be called or classified humans. We can then call them as, higher humans, and PH 321 as the higher kind of world. It is very wonderful indeed!

Come visit this place again to get to know more about mystery present in these beings. Be the detective! See and know what such race is capable of!


Won The Fight!

September 18, 2011

“The Aaah-Mazing Pyramid done by the UP Pep Squad”

I remembered it like it was just yesterday. U.P. Pep Squad had won this year’s University Athletic Association of the Philippines, Cheer dance Competition!

The event was indeed a blast! UP team showcased their best swagger for making the best lifts, stunts, pyramids and more to once again be entitled champion for the second consecutive time after being last year’s champion in the C.D.C. They made other competing universities doubt to their amazing routines inspired by one of today’s pop icon, Madonna. The squad dyed their hair blonde in addition for their tribute to the said Hollywood superstar. Upon interview, one of the members was asked of when they had come up with their theme of incorporating Madonna’s style and music. He said it was during summer when they had packaged all ideas and started practicing. Such early practice gave the team ample time to think of the best twist they can give to wow the crowd, and they’d thought of Madonna. Just like the other audiences, at first, it was unclear to all Iskolar ng Bayan why they had chose to turn themselves into “blondies”, until the song “Material Girl” was played. Everyone became aware that it was Madonna’s blonde hair look the UP Pep Squad had thought of mimicking for their special performance number.

At the end of the cheer, the group also paid tribute to their home school as they made an Oblation Statue routine. That was when everybody really applauded for the glory the team showed for their alma mater. Such finale made U.P. community proud not only for the cheerers, but also for their own university. It only showed that the Pep Squad has appreciation over the education brought to them by the state university of the Philippines, U.P. It’s like their way of saying “thank you” for the opportunity given to them to represent U.P. for the said event. Each of them was able to inspire millions of people by their skills in dancing, aerobics, and cheering combined. They were able to successfully transfer their fun, proud, and wild mood to the hearts and minds of the millions of audience watching and cheering for them nationwide. Such activity, such passion, and such love for the home school paved the way for the judges to give just enough score to declare U.P. Pep Squad champion.


Way the go, U.P. Pep Squad! Congratulations from me, a fellow Iskolar ng Bayan!  I can now say I’m really proud to be part of U.P. community.

U.P. went. U.P. fought. U.P. won the fight!

“Take The Wheel” Poem

September 11, 2011

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tommorow is ours to win or lose.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

Title: Take The Wheel

If you drove too far,
Would you regret to stay where you are?
If you drove too near,
Would you even bother to shed a tear?

It has been done, it is over.
You can’t change what’s there under.
Instead, go, look up and see above.
How God has never given up His love.

There is that chance you hold.
“Take the wheel”, you have been told.
It is your life you live, do you remember?
Plan, promise, resolve, make it better.

In the end, it shall be yours to rate.
Don’t make it ever an unending wait.
Feel your breath, you’re still alive.
Put down all your worries aside.

Now is your time to once again,
Take the lead, take over, bend.
Take a bow and introduce anew.
Here I am, I’ll be good, that’s what I’m gonna do.

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

September 10, 2011

“Reach for the sky. Plan for an ideal life!”

In the end of everything, you may doubt, “I guess I had missed a lot of things in my life.”

Our world is not perfect, as many would say. They tell us to be ready for any errors that may come our way of living this life somehow perfect. In other words, we must get armed for a big fight that is famously called, man’s struggle for survival, since all things in life are in “limited edition”. No one is exempted. All are bound to face this sad reality, and so, as I thought of a bucket list, I thought of the title of Aerosmith’s song for Armageddon, I Dont Want To Miss A Thing. I based my list on the things I had missed before, and on the things I’ll possibly be missing in the future.

I started with what I had missed.

The replay button was hit, and it went back 7 years ago when I stole a very valuable gadget from my classmate. There I was, missing the point of what’s the right thing. I was really out of control during that day. My envy had won me over my spiritual sense that basically, stealing is a bad thing. On that moment when I was wholly tempted, I only thought of what my other friends would think about me having a very new, red Game Boy SP. The feeling had neutralized my conscience. I automatically reached from his bag when he was not on his table, and got his Game Boy, not thinking any more of the risks behind those sinister actions. What happened after that was after a year, he didn’t stopped investigating on who or what might be the cause of the loss of his gadget. Eventually, he caught me playing with it. I began to panicked during that time. I was forced then to enter the most terror room of schools to date, the Principal’s Office. I found myself confessing to the “authorities” involved that I was indeed guilty. Back during the moments when my parents knew what happened and became very dissapointed of me, I promised myself not to steal again: one thing I wrote here on my bucket list.

Talking about my childhood years, I was really into gaming. I totally loved playing almost all sorts of games that was hip during those times. I remembered I played Ragnarok, MU Online, Vice City Stories, Pokemon, Digimon, etc. I was really fond of playing that I didn’t realized  I became addicted on doing it. Gaming had covered always majority of my free time. Instead of resting or studying, I prefered playing with my classmates. One day, I realized I was missing the point of setting proper priorities for my life. Somehow when I processed its negative effects on me, I found out it had gradually affected my eyesight, and so I had to have glasses for my damaged eyes. The thing had forced me to balance my gaming periods and my study and resting periods. I promised myself not to play excessively ever again: one thing I wrote here on my bucket list.

Too much regret was felt as I looked back on the things I had missed in the past, but I had already moved on. I looked again, and I saw an upcoming future that is yet to come for me. I wondered on the things I’ll be probably missing.

The forward button was hit, and it went a bit 5 years later after I had graduated college. I bet at that time, I still haven’t got any sure decision of pursuing a Masteral’s Degree in B.S. Physics, nor whether pursuing a field on Medicine. It’s my sickness ever since: being very undecisive on matters concerning my career. I guess in 2016, that will probably be still the same problem for me. I guess what I’ll be missing is again, the importance of settling on something excellent and being decisive. As I thought of such case, I wrote on my bucket list, “Neilmar, you need to acquire the ability to see the good things and settle on making them happen for your life.”

As I conclude everything before I die, I realized all I wanted is to have the best features of an ideal personality, an “extraordinary” person can have. As much as possible, I wanted to sound and look great in front of people not because of what I have, but because of what I am. In the future, I still want to be helpful to others. I still want to be a good example of a servant-leader who serves and leads a life of holiness and enlightenment. I still want to be the guy next door who always puts a smile on every people’s face. I still want to be a good influence for my fellow men and women all over the world. That’s what I wanted to be. That’s my bucket list. I guess my last note there goes, “Neilmar, you must not miss a thing!”

Guitar 101

September 3, 2011

“I learned guitar when I was 10.”  Taylor Swift

“It’s not that easy.” Many say it’s tough work to learn guitar. I would interview pianist people, and they would say in piano, you need not to have long fingers, nor hard finger presses to get to play it properly, unlike guitar. I pondered to my response saying it’s not even needed at all. During those critical moments, I began doubting while proving to them that I, for once, also had difficulties. Panic reached my nerves. I felt it, but luckily, I had control over my mood. There was a slight glance of my past that I imagined when I was first learning guitar a-b-cs. One by one, I shared to them what it’s like to first learn playing the instrument.


Actually, it’s also like piano wherein you need to practice and memorize the positioning of the left hand and its fingers to the so-called frets of the guitar. These positions depend on what chord or key you are going to use. Like for instance you want to play the A chord in the guitar, its positioning would be placed at the 2nd fret with the second, third, and fourth finger pressing the second, third, and fourth string respectively. That’s one example. Another is B, and it is played like the A chord, only adjusted 2 frets upward. But it varies from the original positioning of A wherein it uses the third, fourth, and fifth finger to play the A chord on the 4th fret, and the second finger positioned at the 2nd fret holding all the strings. Others, like C and D, differ also from each other. It’s a usual thing; however, there are cases that two chords have the same positioning like that of B flat chord and A sharp chord.


Guitars need to be tuned. Before anything else, it needs to be tuned the right way otherwise, it would produce a relatively bad sound. Here in tuning, many ways can be followed. It can be either the old-school way or the new-school way of tuning a typical acoustic or electric guitar. For the old-school way, one needs to have good knowledge of the standard tunes of EADGBE and how to modify it just by ear. Yes, it’s more complicated when you compare it on how you tune using the new-school way. For that, one uses a device called a guitar tuner. A product of technology, it allows the guitarist to know accurately the proper pitch for a specific string, given a set of basic or advance tune/s. Given a properly tuned guitar, one can really enjoy applying different chords that he know without messing each of their true tunes or pitch in nature. He can start practicing the tabs or chords of his favorite songs with ease.

“Producing Music with Pacing”

There are two ways of “properly” vibrating the strings of a guitar to produce a special kind of sound called music. Such ways incorporate pacing in its unique styles. These two are strumming and plucking. In strumming, group of strings are being vibrated simultaneously with a given set of chord or key, while in plucking, only a set of strings are being vibrated one at a time. Both follow a set of beat that combines and harmonizes the notes produced upon vibration. The beat can be, for instance, 2 by 4 in time measure with a set of different notes like whole notes or eighth notes, etc.  It can be that such measure or set of notes are the same for all parts of a given piece or song, or not. These variations make unique effects for the switch of moods, words, and meanings when a song is being played using guitar. Given ample practice for such techniques will strengthen a guitarist or a guitarist-on-the-making to master more the art of playing the guitar.

What Do I Want to Do In Life?

August 30, 2011

“Is this the path for me?”

“What’s not to like about music? I mean it’s my forte ever since I was still 7, so why not go for it and make a life out of it?” These are the words I asked myself when I started to choose a course for my college degree. I knew I would be happy, but I thought of how to make a living after entering music industry in the Philippines. The career is not easy. It requires you to build a good image for the public and a good sense of humour: probably things I’m less good at. I pondered, “What to choose now?” Eventually, I ended choosing the path I was inspired of. I chose to pursue a science course and decided to enter the field of Medicine immediately afterwards.

Currently, I’m a freshman student taking up B.S. Physics in the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus. So far, I can say that I’m doing great in terms of all my subjects whether major or minor. However, I don’t feel settled at all having such achievements. There is still uncertainty inside me that gives me chills every time it suddenly pops out from nowhere, enters my head, and ruins my mood. It is the issue about my personal quest: what do I really want to do in my life? What should I do to figure it out? To be honest, I always ignore thinking of an answer to such a complicated question. In other words, I don’t want to worry about it yet. I am still young, and there are a lot of things I should be rather enjoying as a fresh first year college student than worrying on something that requires good knowledge and experience for life’s careers and decisions.

However, I am the curious type of person.

Who knows that maybe the discovery of my quest undergoes a process? I am not that sure, but I bet that is true for some and not everyone. In my case, I feel it is meant to be in that form. Maybe it is not yet time to choose from millions of lists. Maybe as I go from level one to higher levels in college, I’ll come to realize the right course for me. The time has not yet come, but it will surely come. I feel it will, and when that time comes, I know it shall form again another quest, and again, the process shall repeat.

My personal quest is thus, a chain of personal quests. The discoveries of each lead to the discovery of a lot more. My current quest originated from a previous personal quest. It all comes to these conclusions about its cycle of evolution. I get it now. It is my task now to adapt to its nature to get into the next steps. I guess I am being required to follow its flow one by one. To follow it means to get to know what I really want to do in life. That’s it! It is the answer to my complicated question earlier. Now that I figured it out, I can start planning for my future. I guess after all, it will come out eventually as product of curiosity and not worry.

That could be your outcome too if you were on the same dilemma! You’ll get to know what you’re personal quest if you start to find time putting it at heart. In fact, it is the foundation of any good career building for one’s life. You need to have patience and the dedication to risk your minute-lasting or hour-lasting wants like shopping, gaming, etc. to make way for planning for your lifetime-lasting want/s that concern career and life commitment for the growth of the nation’s development in welfare. On that level of your life, you’ll be seeing yourself independent enough to stand and live away from the usual helping hand of your parents or relatives. You’ll be seeing yourself complete, but before that, now, it is the time first to know, “what do I really want to do in life?”

So Near, So Bad?

August 20, 2011

“So, you were just hiding in level 1, huh?”

What if Mario used the idea of “outlining?” Was there a chance he could’ve found Princess at the starting round? Oh, poor, poor Mario. If he had just planned first to look for more unfamiliar places on the 1st level, he could’ve finished the game instantly! Guess that same aspect goes for what Eng 1 discussed last Wednesday, August 16th: outlining. Not only that it gives clearance to the flow of ideas in a given set of system, but also it points out details helpful for understanding concepts on what these ideas are all about.

Now, to tell you honestly, this blog isn’t really focused on talking about what an outline is. This blog is actually meant for writing a blog about how I encountered UP life so far, and so without further ado, I give you my outline! Clap for it please before anything might go wrong? 🙂


Thesis Statement: My UP Life so far

Title: “So Far, So Good is to So Near, So Bad”

I. Good Times

A. Inside UP Campus System

1. June 2011

a. Orientations and Getting to know UP

b. Learning routes and shortcuts inside UP grounds

c. Meeting new companions

2. July 2011

a. Getting to know classmates

b. Attending field trips

c.  Learning about UP Organizations, Events, etc.

3. August 2011

a. Having close friends in UP

b. Beginning to grasp professor’s ways of grading his/her students

c. Taking oppurtunities to join events

B . Outside UP Campus System

1. June 2011

a. Getting to know Quezon City along UP area

b. Living in a dorm for the first time

c. Meeting room mates in the dorm.

2. July 2011

a. Getting to be inside SM North

b. Meeting new dorm mates

c. Tagging along with sports activities

d. Celebrating my birthday on a different set of atmosphere with friends

3. August 2011

a. Building strong bonds with dorm mates and room mates

b. Accomplishing Eng 1 mid-term paper

II. Bad Times

A. Inside UP Campus System

1. June 2011

a. Getting lost inside UP premises

b. Getting all sweaty walking around UP

c. Being at OP status with different set of people

2. July 2011

a. Being unable to study because of suspension of classes due to heavy rains

b. Being confined in an hospital for five days due to lung damage

3. August 2011

a. Indulging myself to heavy school work and assignments

b. Getting stressed studying for more long exams

B. Outside UP Campus System

1. June 2011

a. Realizing that dorm’s getting dirty

b. Getting tensed riding MRT during weekends

2. July 2011

a. Getting sick days before my birthday

b. Not being able to attend classes on days I was absent

3. August 2011

a. None so far? 🙂